Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star™ A112 Benchtop Conductivity Meter STARA1125


Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star™ A112 Benchtop Conductivity Meter STARA1125


Take simple, routine conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature measurements with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star™ A112 Benchtop Conductivity Meter. This instrument, intended for basic conductivity analysis in the lab, is easy-to-use and budget-friendly. Obtain temperature compensated readings using linear option with 20°C or 25°C reference temperatures. Quickly navigate setup menus and ensure consistent calibrations using the simple keypad layout and on-screen text prompts. Use the included electrode stand to easily place sensors in samples and simplify storage.


The A112 Benchtop Conductivity Meter features a selectable cell constant, as well as selectable reading reference temperatures of 20°C or 25°C to ensure accurate results.

  • Large, informative LCD screen clearly shows the main information including conductivity or TDS reading, temperature, meter mode and power source.
  • Thermo Scientific™ AUTO-READ™ ensures you don’t miss a reading. It locks in the stable reading on your screen and a ready indicator alerts when readings are stable.
  • Included electrode arm and newly designed holder make it easier to maintain and place probes into samples.
  • Meter plugs into almost any power outlet with the included universal power adapter, or use four AA batteries (sold separately) to run the meter on DC power.
  • Nonvolatile memory holds up to 50 data points.
  • IP54-rated housing withstands splashes.
  • Meter mounts to wall, saving bench space.


  • Three-year meter replacement


Orion Star A112 benchtop conductivity/TDS meter kit with 2-cell conductivity sensor, solutions and stand
0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Conductivity, TDS with Temperature
0.001 to 10cm-1
0.01 μS minimum, auto ranging up to 3 significant digits
20, 25°C
1 mg/L
Linear (0.02 to 9.99)
0.1°C (0.1°F)
Manual or automatic with ATC temperature probe
Internal data point memory
CE, TUV 3-1, FCC Class A
Universal 50-60 Hz, 100-240 VAC power adapter (Cat. No. 1010003)
0.9 kg
3 Year Meter
5 to 85%, non-condensing
Universal AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
Simple with highlighted measure key, scroll and shortcut keys
41°F to 113°F (ambient)
2000 hr.
Universal AC adapter, Conductivity sensor
2-cell or 4-cell conductivity sensors with built-in temperature
Conductivity and temperature
0.01 μS/cm to 200.0 mS/cm
1 to 19,999 mg/L
0.5% of reading ±1 digit
-5°C to +105°C
1 point temperature offset calibration
Non-volatile memory preserves log and settings
Automatic data logging with Auto-Read measure mode; manual data logging with Continuous measure mode
8 pin MiniDIN (conductivity sensor with built-in temperature)
24 x 18 x 11 cm (9.5 x 7.1 x 4.3 in.)
2 lb.
Conductivity sensor (includes 011050MD Orion 2-cell conductivity sensor)
Orion Star A112 Benchtop Conductivity/TDS/Temperature Meter
Smart Stability and Smart Averaging
5°C to 45°C (ambient)
4 x AA (sold separately