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DOZ5500 Dissolved Ozone Controller / Transmitter

423€ + ÁFA ( 537€ )
Gyártó: Clean Instruments
Cikkszám: DOZ5500
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
DOZ5500 Dissolved Ozone Controller / Transmitter
This is a microprocessor based analyzer.The purpose of this anaylyzer is designed to analyze and control the dissolved ozone value and the temperature continuously and accurately.
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Leírás és Paraméterek

Wall mounting
IP65 rated: high luminance LED backlight, applicable to harsh environment.
Adopt integrated switching power supply module; high protection against electromagnetic
Menu-driven program that simplifies set-up.
Instant browsing all the settings in measurement mode, easy to master your working state
Scaleable isolated 0/4-20mA Outputs
Two relay circuits, users can select high-low control freely. Separately adjustable high and low
      set-point hysteresis(dead bands) prevent chattering of relays around the set points.
Third relay Cleaning/Alarm function; users sets the cleaning frequency and time
Temperature value offset adjustment.
Optional nanoampere electrode (80mA, 400mA)
RS-485 output

DOZ5500 Flyer-English DOZ5000 Manual-English