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CLEAN PH200 pH/ORP/ION/Temp Meter

172€ + ÁFA ( 218€ )
Gyártó: Clean Instruments
Cikkszám: PH200i
Elérhetőség: Előrendelhető
CLEAN PH200 ion pH / mV / ORP / Ion / Temp
PH200 with precise and practical design concept: simple operation, powerful functions, complete measuring parameters, wide measurement range. Four sets with 11 points buffer combination, one key to calibrate and auto buffer recognition.

Leírás és Paraméterek

 One key to switch among pH, mV, ORP, Ion measuring modes.
 pH value, mV value, Temperature value with screen display simultaneously, humanized design.
℃ ℉ optional
 Four sets with 11 points buffer combination, covering global standards including US, EU, CN, JP.
 Two points ORP calibration
 Ion concentration measuring range: 0.000-99999mg/L
 Large LCD, with high luminance LED backlight.
 One key to auto calibration: Zero offset, Electrode offset, ensure the accuracy
 One key to browse the setting parameters, including Electrode zero offset, 
    sensor slope and all set parameters.
 Prompt tone after measurement readings stable(Optional)
 HOLD Auto Lock function
 Temperature offset adjust
 200 sets of measuring data storage
 Auto power off if no operations in 10 minutes. (Optional)
 2*1.5V 7AAA batteries. Long battery life span

PH200 Flyer-English PH200 Manual-English


pH Range -2.00 ~ 20.00 pH
  Resolution 0.01 pH
  Accuracy ±0.01 pH
ORP Range -2000~2000 mV
  Resolution 0.1mV ( -999 ~ 999mV ), 1 mV ( <-999 mV or >999 mV )
  Accuracy ± 1 mV
Ion Range 0.000-99999mg/L, ppm
  Resolution 0.001,0.01,0.1,1 mg/L, ppm
  Accuracy 1%+1LSD(1 valence), 2%+1LSD(2 valence), 3%+1LSD(3 valence)
Temp. Range -40.0-125.0℃(-40.0-257.0°F)
  Resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F
  Accuracy +0.2°C, 0.1°F
Battery Power supply 2*1.5V 7AAA batteries
pH Buffer Kinds B1 1.68, 4.01, 7.00, 10.01 (US)
  B2 2.00, 4.01, 7.00, 9.21, 11.00 (EU)
  B3 1.68, 4.00, 6.86, 9.18, 12.46 (CN)
  B4 1.68,4.01, 6.86, 9.18 (JP)
Others LCD 65*40 mm multi-line crystal display with backlight
  Protection IP67
  Auto power off 5 minutes without key be pressed (Optional)
  Environment -5 °C~60 °C;Relative humidity﹤90%
  Memory 200 sets
  Dimensions 94*190*35mm (W*L*H)
  Weight 250g

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