In our letter we would like to draw our partner’s attention to our wide offer for quality, refurbished automatic titrators. We purchase second hand titrators and other electro-analytical instruments upon the American and European markets and then refurbish them carefully to sell over again under full 12 months warranty. This service operates also in the form that our partners give us a note with marking the type of desired electro-analytical instrument (first of all automatic titrators and pH meters) and we look around the world market of second hand analytical instruments for the predicted type. If we find in the actual offer the device type - based on the purchasing, shipment and refurbishing costs - we quote you. The price of the instruments offered by this way is usually 40-60 percent of the actually available new devices in the same class. Recently we practice this kind of service for the products of CRISON Instruments, DKK-TOA, GR Scientific, METROHM and Thermo ORION. We are ready also to install these devices at the end-users under cost price. We also contract for user courses and IQ/OQ/PQ tests in English if needed.

Arguments for purchasing electro-analytical instruments refurbished by us:

  • Our expert’s professional knowledge for refurbishments and their store of learning connected to the individual device types is shored up by unexampled long and deep professional experience. Three of our colleagues have 15-20 years R & D engineering past at the earlier well-known RADELKIS Company, which was active also on the profile of electro-analytics. Moreover we have more than 25 years experience in servicing METROHM devices, 15 years practice with Thermo ORION products and more than 5 years experience with CRISON instruments.
  • The design of the METROHM Titrino device family - refurbished by us most frequently – was still not infected by the consumer approach. These instruments were still “constructed for the eternity by mistake”. The designs of the newest generations of analytical instruments are - sad to say - already deeply affected by the consumer approach of our age. This approach is also supported by the widely held view that thanks to the recently very fast scientific development the analytical instruments “sink morally” during 8 – 10 years. It is often an additional argument to replace the analytical instruments periodically that they are mostly connected to PCs for data acquisition and thanks to the even faster development in computer hardware and software, the old fashioned data collection software are incompatible with the new operation systems and the old fashioned computer ports are soon unavailable. Therefore frequently the death of the PC originally connected to the analytical instrument enforces the replacement of the measuring device, too.
  • The often boosted increased resolution of piston drives on the newest generation of volumetric titrators (for example in case of METROHM Titrinos the full volume of the burette is dispensed in 10000 elemental volume steps in case of the Titrando generation this step number is already 20000) almost never yield any real improvement in accuracy. That is because of the volume quantification eventuated by the drop size or by the opening threshold of the none-return (anti-diffusion) valve at the burette tip. This threshold is usually higher than the minimal volume step of the one generation earlier automatic volumetric titrators.


Refurbished automatic titrators offered by us recently as stock on hand devices:

  • Crison SO2-Matic 23 (Enological SO2 titrator) 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 1851 USD
  • Crison SALT-Matic 23 (Chloride titrator), 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 1851 USD
  • Crison PH-Matic , 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 1145 USD
  • Metrohm 701/703 KF Titrino/Ti-Stand, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 1909 USD
  • Metrohm 716/728 DMS Titrino/Magnetic stirrer, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 2100 USD
  • Metrohm 736/703/2x685 GP Titrino/Ti-Stand + Exchange unit + solutions, Complete 2 phase KF titrator, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 9542 USD
  • Metrohm 737/728 KF Coulometer/Magnetic stirrer, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 4007 USD
  • Metrohm 665 dosimat, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 687 USD
  • Metrohm 809/800/801/PC-Control 6.0 Titrando/Dosino/Magnetic stirrer/PC SW for titration, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 6870 USD
  • Thermo Orion TURBO2 KF Blending Titrator, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 4580 USD
  • Aquamax KF Coulometric Titrator, 1 year warranty,
  • Price: 4390 USD
  • GR Scientific PAT 940 Titrator, NEW With Result Manager software,
  • Price: 13360 USD

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